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[e-drug] World Cancer Day Feb 4: Blog on FT on Cancer report (2)

E-DRUG: World Cancer Day Feb 4: Blog on FT on Cancer report (2)

This is a timely report by Oxfam. Developing countries and policy-makers should 
keep in mind the major statement last year by over 100 oncologists, stating 
that most new cancer drugs developed by companies provide few or no additional 
benefits, though they charge $100,000 a year or more for them in affluent 

The main product of cancer R&D is more patents for high prices without much 
clinical benefit. 
Nor do the high prices reflect staggering research costs that need to be 
A short overview published in the journal, Cancer, is provided here:
A larger overview of all drug development is available here, the most 
downloaded in its class: 

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