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[e-drug] Why UNITAID matters for people living with HIV, TB, & malaria - market impact

E-DRUG: Why UNITAID matters for people living with HIV, TB, & malaria - market 

The Civil Society Delegations to the UNITAID Board have put together a leaflet 
showing how UNITAID impacts the lives of those living with HIV & AIDS, TB and 
malaria with a particular focus on 'Market Impact'.

The Delegations hope it will answer questions about the kinds of problems 
UNITAID seeks to solve, the solutions it pursues, and how everyone interested 
in and affected by UNITAID's work can get involved. They hope it will be shared 
widely, as they seek to strengthen the connection between UNITAID and those 
whose lives it impacts.

Please find links below to electronic versions of this leaflet in four 





Professor Brook K. Baker
Northeastern U. School of Law
Affiliate, Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy
416 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115 USA
Honorary Research Fellow, University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, S. Africa
Senior Policy Analyst Health GAP (Global Access Project)
NGOs Board Member UNITAID

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