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[e-drug] Prescrire Awards for 2014: a good vintage

E-DRUG: Prescrire Awards for 2014: a good vintage

Dear E-Druggers,
Independent French medical journal Prescrire held its annual awards in Paris on 
29 January. This year a "Pilule d'Or" (Golden Pill) was handed out for the 
first time in 6 years, with 3 drugs added to the "Honours List" and one deemed 
Cholic acid (Orphacol°, Cell Therapies Research & Services) was awarded the 
Golden Pill, as it represents a major advance for children suffering from rare 
hereditary bile acid deficiencies, often fatal.
Prescrire also released the 2015 update of its “Drugs to avoid”, drugs that are 
more harmful than beneficial and ought to be avoided, until they are withdrawn 
from the market.
Full details available at http://english.prescrire.org

Christophe Kopp
for the Prescrire Staff
Email: ckopp@prescrire.org 
Website: english.prescrire.org

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