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[e-drug] i+solutions e-course "Basic Principles of SCM for Health Systems"

E-DRUG:   i+solutions e-course "Basic Principles of SCM for Health Systems"

Dear all,

i+solutions is pleased to announce the opening of registration to our e-course 
"Basic Principles of Supply Chain Management for Health Systems"

Dates: 2 March - 5 April 2015
Level of effort: 4 to 6 hours per week
Cost: 450 euros
Registration deadline: 25 February 2014
Certificates and e-badges will be awarded upon successful completion
Register on 

What is the course about?

Supply chain management (SCM) is a key to ensure that resources are utilized 
optimally and that essential health commodities reach their end-users. With 
developing countries spend up to a third of their healthcare budget on health 
commodities, SCM skills in managers and health workers are essential to enhance 
the performance of the supply chain cycle of medicines and medical supplies and 
ensure the success of health programmes.
The course 'Basics of supply chain management for health systems' details all 
the steps and functions of the supply chain cycle and places each of those 
steps within the perspective of health system strengthening.
The content has been developed by i+solutions experts based on years of 
experience as a pharmaceutical supply chain agent for various national and 
international organisations. The module is currently part of the MBA program in 
International Health Management administered by Swiss TPH in association with 
the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Who is the course meant for?

The course is designed for all health personnel, business administrators and 
managers involved in the health sector, development cooperation, healthcare 
programmes and projects in developing countries. No prior knowledge is 
required, although practical involvement in the health sector is a benefit.

What topics will be covered?

Health system strengthening, access to medicines, essential medicines, human 
resources, supply chain cycle, selection of essential medicines, forecasting 
and quantification, procurement, storage, inventory management, distribution, 
rational use of medicines, quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation

What will you learn?

The course is an introduction to the entire supply chain cycle of medicines and 
medical supplies in the context of health system strengthening, which means the 
topics covered are numerous.

Here is a sample of some of the learning objectives:

-Describe the different steps and functions of the supply chain cycle of 
medicines and medical supplies.
-Understand the access-to-medicines framework and the concept of essential 
-Interpret and discuss the role of managers, health workers and stakeholders on 
different levels of the health system in supply chain management.
-Comprehend the need for, and ways to promote rational use of medicines.
-Underline key issues related to monitoring and evaluation of supply chain 
-Critically analyse the supply chain system of a country and identify practical 
approaches for intervention strategies.

How are we going to teach and learn?

The course is taught online on i+academy, our e-learning platform, by expert 
facilitators from i+solutions. The interactive course materials are presented 
sequentially under the guidance of the facilitators who assist participants, 
answer questions and stimulate discussions. Lessons are complemented and 
enlivened by online activities such as discussion forums, quizzes, and 
assignments. The course is accessible from anywhere at any time and allows 
participants easy and regular interactions with the course facilitators and 
other participants during the learning process.

Carole Piriou
Senior training coordinator
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Universal Access to Essential Medicines
phone: +31 0348 748 722
address: Polanerbaan 11, 3447 GN, Woerden, The Netherlands
email: cpiriou@iplussolutions.org

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