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[e-drug] i+ solutions e-course "Quality Assurance in Supply Chain Management of Medicines"

E-DRUG: i+ solutions e-course "Quality Assurance in Supply Chain Management of 

Dear all,

i+solutions is pleased to announce the opening of registration to our e-course 
"Quality Assurance of in Supply Chain Management of Medicines"

Dates: 16 February - 15 March 2015
Level of effort: 4 to 6 hours per week
Cost: 450 euros
Registration deadline: 11 February 2014
Certificates and e-badges will be awarded upon successful completion
Register on www.iplusacademy.org<http://www.iplusacademy.org/>.

What is the course about?

Ensuring the quality of medicines is a major public health challenge for 
national authorities, international organisations, and health programmes. The 
widespread presence of substandard and counterfeit medicines, coupled with 
unreliable supply chains and a crucial lack of resources, not only cause 
negative health outcomes but also inflict economic losses and result in a loss 
of trust in health systems. To address these issues through effective 
strategies, it is important for stakeholders at all levels -from policy makers 
to primary healthcare workers- to appreciate and comprehend the need for 
effective quality assurance systems.

This course on Quality Assurance of Medicines (QA) will introduce the 
participants to the main concepts and principles of quality assurance, and 
provide them with an overview of many factors affecting the quality of 
medicines, from the moment they are manufactured till the time they are 
dispensed to patients. Some of the topics of this course include medicines 
regulation, principles of good manufacturing practices, and ensuring quality 
during procurement, storage distribution and use.

Who is the course meant for?
The course is designed for personnel working in health programmes, health 
organisations, or national health systems who have an interest in, and will 
benefit from knowing more about quality assurance of medicines (procurement 
offices, supply and logistics divisions, regulatory bodies, hospitals, health 
facilities). There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in this course. 
However, prior knowledge about supply chain management or pharmaceuticals will 
be an advantage.

What topics will be covered?

The importance of quality assurance, medicines regulation, ensuring quality 
during manufacturing process, ensuring quality during procurement, ensuring 
quality along the supply chain, medicines quality control testing, stability 
studies and shelf life determination, pharmacovigilance.

What will you learn?
After having successfully completed the module, participants will be able to:

  1.  Define the key concepts and principles of quality assurance.
  2.  Comprehend the importance of quality assurance systems for medicines.
  3.  Describe how different functions of supply chain management affect the 
quality of medicines.
  4.  Explain the significance of shelf life and differentiate between types of 
stability studies.
  5.  Underline the key issues and challenges surrounding quality assurance 
systems especially in low and middle income countries
How are we going to teach and learn?

The course is taught online on i+academy, our e-learning platform, by expert 
facilitators from i+solutions. The interactive course materials are presented 
sequentially under the guidance of the facilitators who assist participants, 
answer questions and stimulate discussions. Lessons are complemented and 
enlivened by online activities such as discussion forums, quizzes, and 
assignments. The course is accessible from anywhere at any time and allows 
participants easy and regular interactions with the course facilitators and 
other participants during the learning process.

Carole Piriou
Senior training coordinator
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Universal Access to Essential Medicines
phone: +31 0348 748 722
address: Polanerbaan 11, 3447 GN, Woerden, The Netherlands
email: cpiriou@iplussolutions.org
website: www.iplussolutions.org

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