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[e-drug] What Everyone should know about Medicines

E-DRUG: What Everyone should know about Medicines
Please direct any queries to Dr Mohanta "G P Mohanta" <gpmohanta@hotmail.com>

A new book entitled "What everyone should know about medicines" is just 
authored by me. This is a consumer guidance book empowering patients to promote 
safe and effective use of medicines. 


What Everyone should know about Medicines

Author(s) : Guru Prasad Mohanta  
 ISBN : 9789383635245 
Type : Textbook 
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books 
Year 2014 
Pages 302 
 About the Book
Medicines are perhaps the greatest weapons of the mankind to fight diseases and 
death, but are double edged weapons. They help recovering from illness and 
restoring health if used properly, but can harm if not used appropriately, even 
causing life threatening situations including death. Inappropriate medicine use 
is unnecessary wastage of resources. Medicines have helped increasing life 
expectancy but in some situations they have harmed too. The antibiotics are 
becoming increasingly ineffective due resistance developed by random use. The 
book provides guidance on using medicines appropriately in a simple and easily 
understandable language.  
The book intends to empower the readers with skill and knowledge to make 
informed decisions about how to use medicines (including when not to use them) 
and get the maximum benefit. It helps to understand the importance of medicines 
in individual's health.   

It is a comprehensive medicine user guide for common public. 

  Part A (General Topics) 1. You as Consumer of Medicine Use (Consumers' 
Rights) 2. You must know about your Medicine 3. Names of Medicines (Medicine 
-What is in a Name?) 4. Types of Medicines (Dosage Forms) 5. Branded vs Generic 
Medicines 6. Buying Medicines 7. Medicines  Price 8. Expiry Date of Medicines 
9. Storing Medicines at Home 10. Laws and Regulations Governing Medicines 11. 
Rational Use of Medicines 12. How do Medicines Work 13. Fate of Medicines in 
the Body (How does Body Handle Medicines?) 14. Safety of Medicines (How do you 
Protect Yourself?) 15. Medicines can be Toxic Too 16. Adherence to Medications 
17. Missing a Dose (If you Miss a Dose ----) 18. Prescription and 
Non-prescription Medicines 19. Medicines for Children 20. Medicines for Elderly 
Persons 21. Medicines during Pregnancy (Are Medicines during Pregnancy Safe?) 
22. Medicines during Breast Feeding (Avoid Medicines during Breast Feeding) 23. 
Development of Medicines 24. Clinical Trials 25. Be Informed before 
Participating in Clinical Trials 26. New Drugs: Pros and Cons 27. Drink and 
Medicine (On Medication - Then keep off Alcohol) 28. Food and Medicines (Does 
Food affect Medicine?) 29. Home Medicines Kit 30. Medicines during Travel (For 
Safe Travel, Pack Your Medicines Too!) 31. Combination Medicines (Fixed Dose 
Combination Medicines – How useful they are!) 32. Advertisement on Medicines 
(Say No to AD Treatment) 33. Internet Medicines (e-Medicines) 34. Medicine 
Information Sources (Where to Get Information) 35. Patenting of Medicine 36. 
Patent Medicine-Battle Finally Won! 37. Use, Misuse and Abuse of Medicines 38. 
Use and Abuse of Medicines in Sports 39. Splitting of Tablets 40. Use of 
Injections 41. Jan Aushadhi for Affordable Quality Medicines 42. Off Label Use 
of Medicines (Pill Poppers, Wake Up!) 43. Herbal Medicines PART B Medicine 
Administration 44. Orally Taking Medicines 45. Ophthalmic Medicines 46. Ear 
Products 47. Nasal Products 48. Metered Dose Inhalers 49. Rectally Administered 
Products 50. Vaginally Administered Products PART C Individual Medicines 51. 
Pain and Fever Relieving Medicines  52. Gastric Acid Relieving Medicines 53. 
Antibiotics 54. Anti-Malaria Medicines 55. Anti-Tuberculosis Medicines 56. 
Anti-Asthma Medicines 57. Constipation Treating Medicines 58. Contraceptives 
59. Cold and Cough Medicines 60. Anti-diabetic Medicines 61. Anti-diarrhoeal 
Medicines 62. Medicines for Filariasis 63. Medicines for Anaemia 64. Vaccines 
65. Vitamins 66. Anti-Emetic Medicines (Medicines for Vomiting) 67. Others 
 About the Author
 Dr. Guru Prasad Mohanta, Former World Health Organization National Technical 
Officer, is a Professor of Pharmacy at Annamalai University. With his training 
and experience, he is passionate in educating the common man on appropriate use 
of medicines. He was the recipient of Best Researcher Award during 2011-2012 by 
Annamalai University. 

"G P Mohanta" <gpmohanta@hotmail.com>
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