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[e-drug] PSM Toolbox Quarterly Update

E-DRUG: PSM Toolbox Quarterly Update

The PSM Toolbox is developed by WHO/AMDS together with i+solutions and other 
international organizations. It is presented in the form of a search engine 
where PSM professionals may select tools to suit their needs without losing 
time navigating in several agencies' websites. 

The full database can be accessed online as well as downloaded to USB sticks or 
hard disks allowing users to make use of the tools in areas without internet 
access. Users may also update their data whenever they have internet connection.

Ready for download
The USB version of PSM Toolbox is updated once every three months. The latest 
version (25-09-2014) is now available for download. Users may update their 
older version or download the new version at 

Manual for creating a new USB version: 

Manual for updating an older version: 

New PSM tools
The PSM Toolbox is constantly being updated with new contents by various 
international technical agencies and institutions. The following tools were 
updated and/or added to the PSM Toolbox in the third quarter of 2014 (from July 
to September). To view the details of the tools, please go to 
http://www.psmtoolbox.org/en/news.php. ; 

《French Tools
• Cartes Aide-Mémoire de Conseil pour Adultes sur la Contraception (Pathfinder 
• Guide de gestion des déchets de soins médicaux à - attention des travailleurs 
de santé communautaires (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT).

《English Tools
• Increasing access to HIV treatment in middle-income countries: 
Key data on prices, regulatory status, tariffs and the intellectual property 
• Country Guide: 
Applying for Public Health Supply Chain Management Development Funds (People 
that Deliver).
• International Drug Price Indicator Guide (MSH).
• Promising Practices in Supply Chain Management�(United Nations Commission on 
Life-Saving Commodities for Women's and Children's Health).
• Access to antiretroviral drugs in low- and middle-income countries�(WHO).
• Cue Cards for Counseling Adults on Contraception�(Pathfinder International).
• System Design: Repair or Replace (VillageReach).
• Procurement of Health Products - 
An Operational Guideline for UNITAID Grantees (UNITAID).
• Family Planning Logistics Toolkit (K4Health).
• Optimizing Supply Chains for Improved Performance (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT).
• Guide to Health Care Waste Management for the Community Health Worker (USAID 
• Contraceptive Financial Sustainability Tool (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT).
• Contraceptive Financial Stability (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT).
• ATLAS Database Guide for Users and Administrators (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT).
• List of indoor residual sprays (IRS) that meet WHOPES specifications for use 
against malaria vector (Global Fund).
• List of Diagnostic test kits for HIV and HIV equipments classified according 
to the Global Fund Quality Assurance Policy (Global Fund).
• Global Fund Guidance for Procurement and Use of HIV Diagnostic Test Kits 
(Global Fund).
• Manual for Procurement of Diagnostics and Related Laboratory Items and 
Equipment (Global Fund).
• Global Fund Quality Assurance Policy for Diagnostics Products (Global Fund).
• List of QC Laboratories meeting Global Fund requirements (Global Fund).
• Guidance on In-country quality monitoring of pharmaceutical products in 
Global Fund supported programs (Global Fund).
• FAQs about Global Fund Quality Assurance of Pharmaceutical Products (Global 
• Guidelines for Warehousing Health Commodities (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT).

More information of the PSM Toolbox, please visit 
To submit a new tool to the PSM Toolbox, please go to 

Kun-Chieh Wu
PSM Toolbox Coordinator
Email: info@iplussolutions.org
Web: www.iplussolutions.org
Training <Training@iplussolutions.org>
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