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[e-drug] Emerging Role of Pharmacist in developing countries

E-DRUG: Emerging Role of Pharmacist in developing countries

 Dear Friends

In developing countries like Pakistan, where resources are very limited and the 
population is facing disaster after disaster since 2005, there are many health 
partners providing PHC services to the community.

Qualified Pharmacists are not available at PHC level in public Sector and the 
health partners supporting public sector are hiring qualified Pharmacists at 
facility level for direct contact with the exiting patient.

As per our experience, the management of different NGOs requesting to WHO's 
orientation session for their new recruited staff including qualified 
Pharmacists to train them on Concept of essential Medicines and RUM.

Based on their previous experience, the management of mentioned NGOs are of the 
opinion that previously due to absence of qualified Pharmacists and lack of 
training sessions on mentioned topics, they had been receiving long 
demands/wish lists from different PHC centers, whereas having the qualified 
trained Pharmacist helped them out to minimize the list of procurement of 
medicines with rational utilization.

This exercise provided them opportunity for best use of limited funds.

Best wishes   
Dr.Muhammad Haroon  Bacha  (PharmD; MPH))
Technical Officer  
WHO, Pakistan 
"Dr.Haroon Bacha" <haroonbacha5@yahoo.com>

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