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[e-drug] Valganciclovir Access (2)

E-DRUG: Valganciclovir Access (2)

Dear Pascal,

Thank you for flagging this case to us.  We were not aware of the
challenges Lao had been facing and have written to you separately to
discuss and try to find a solution.

But I also wanted to take the opportunity to point out to e-druggers that
information on how to make use of the discounted price negotiated by the
Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) on valganciclovir are available at:


Several treatment programs in different countries have already made use of
this discount and a few more have made enquiries and may be using it

For any specific enquiries on the offer please feel free to contact me (or
any of my colleagues mentioned on the link provided above) directly.

Best regards,

Esteban Burrone

Esteban Burrone | Head of Policy | Medicines Patent Pool
Advancing innovation, access, and public health
Tel: +41 22 533 5055
E-mail: eburrone@medicinespatentpool.org
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