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[e-drug] 5 immediate recommendations to reduce childhood mortality in Zambia

E-DRUG: 5 immediate recommendations to reduce childhood mortality in Zambia

These recommendations are based on the findings for the ColaLife Operational 
Trial in Zambia (COTZ).
There is more detail on these recommendations

The headline findings from COTZ are here
Details of how to get access the details behind these headlines are here:

   - The recommended actions can be run in parallel.
   - Action 4 is underway with Community Health Workers although the 'immediate 
action' messaging might need modification and there is a problem with the 
availability of ORS and Zinc.
   - Action 5 is routine but the messaging might need modification.

1 Embrace the existing urban and rural network of retail outlets* as a supply 
channel for co-packaged ORS and Zinc*

2 Promote "start ORS and Zinc treatment immediately" as the first action to 
take/routine practice when a child gets diarrhoea*

3 Make co-packaged ORS and Zinc available in all health centres*

4 Para-skill retailers and Community Health Workers in diarrhoea and ORS and 

5 Raise awareness amongst mothers and carers of how to prevent diarrhoea, of 
the first action to take when diarrhoea strikes (start ORS and Zinc treatment 
immediately) and when to go to the clinic (the six danger signs)*

Non-pharmacies, non-health shops. The shops that sell cooking oil and sugar in 

ColaLife's Top 10 Achievements for 2013

Simon Berry
project manager | Kit Yamoyo Transition to Scale (KYTS)
founder and ceo | ColaLife*


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