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[e-drug] Retirement from WHO

E-DRUG: Retirement from WHO
[On behalf of all E-drug moderators I would like to thank our colleague
moderator and WHO staff member Richard Laing for the many years of support
for the essential medicines concept, and the hard work he and his
colleagues put into documenting the evidence around essential medicines
and creating the Essential Medicines and Health Products Information
Portal. We are sure that we will continue to hear from Richard from his
Boston base. Best wishes for 2014 for all of you! Wilbert Bannenberg]

Dear E-Druggers,

On October 23rd Hans Hogerzeil sent out a message about my retirement from
WHO asking for messages, stories, reminisces and photos. Somehow he
managed to do this without me seeing the E-Drug message so it was a great
surprise to me when on 12th December I was presented with a Livre d' Or
(Book of Gold) that included messages from so many of you.  There were 70
messages, from all over the world, some from people whom I last saw in the
early 90's, some from people I only met once and some from people whom I
have disagreed with. There were many photographs including some black and
white photos from Zimbabwe days when I was in a safari suit. So great fun
and something I will always value. Thank you all very much and especially
to Hans and all those who worked on pasting the messages and photos into
the Book of Gold.

As I am sure that everybody who knows me would expect, I do not see my
retirement from WHO as the end of anything but just a transition from one
situation to another. My last day at WHO will be tomorrow 27th December
and then Leueen and I will leave  for Boston on December 31st. I will take
10 weeks to settle down there and buy a home etc. On March 15th 2014 I
will start work in the Department of International Health at Boston
University School of Public Health (my old department) primarily teaching
and advising students etc. I will do this 50% time. Then I am expecting to
work with the University of Western Cape School of Public Health working
on supporting them develop a Pharmaceuticals track in their excellent MPH
programme. Then I will do some work with the Access to Medicines
Foundation in the Netherlands and I am sure I will do some small pieces of
work with WHO particularly on the Medicines and Health Products
Information Portal. I hope to work at a maximum of 80%!

I have mentioned the Portal above and many of you may know the previous
version on the Medicines Bookshelf or the Medicines Documentation centre.
These have now evolved into the Essential Medicines and Health Products
Information Portal. This is on the web at
http://apps.who.int/medicinedocs/en/  and is maintained by our Partner
HumanInfo. Support has been provided by USAID through the SIAPS project.
What is different is that the portal contains full text articles not just
from WHO but also from the World Bank, UNICEF, MSH and other USAID
supported projects as well as journals from which we have received
copyright permissions. There are more than 4,000 publications in the
resource. Most recently we added scanned copies of the first 17 Essential
Drugs Monitors together with abstracts and full text versions of the key
articles from these 17 first ED Monitors. The Search function is quick and
exact and uses carefully chosen key words. A resource that is under used
is the Sub Collection facility which allows users to create sub
collections of selected documents that can be duplicated and distributed
on CDs or DVDs for courses or meetings. There is one example of a Public
Sub Collection that shows what can be done. This Portal is maintained by
Claude Da Re. May I encourage all E-Druggers to try the portal out. I hope
you will be impressed and will use it and contribute to it.

So thank you all for your contributions to my Livre d'Or. I look forward
to working with and communicating with many E-Druggers after I retire from
WHO. Please see my future contact addresses.

Best wishes for 2014!

Richard Laing

Richard Laing (Medical Officer)
On December 31st will retire from
Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products
World Health Organization
CH-1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland
Tel 41 22 791 4533
Fax 41 22791 4167
E-mail laingr@who.int

After January 1st 2014 will move to Boston with new email RLaing51@aol.com
After March 15th 2014 richardl@bu.edu (expected address)
Skype laingr

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