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[e-drug] Mozambique: Seeking International Consultant - 6 months for supply chain strengthening

E-DRUG: Mozambique: Seeking International Consultant- 6 months for supply chain 

Seeking International Consultant for 6 month term to support
supply chain strengthening in Mozambique

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the below and attached Terms of Reference for a 6-month
consultancy with the Central Medical Stores (CMAM), Ministry of Health
Mozambique, to support initiation of activities under a Global Fund Health
Systems Strengthening Grant.

Applications are due by 15:00 (Maputo time) on December 18.

Kind regards,
Paulo Nhaducue

Terms of Reference
Position: International Consultant to Support Initiation of Activities for
a Supply Chain Strengthening Project *

Duration: 6 months
Location: Maputo, Mozambique. Central Medical Stores (Central de
Medicamentos e Artigos Médicos - CMAM), Ministry of Health, Mozambique*

The Government of Mozambique received a grant from Round 8 of the Global
Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) to strengthen health
systems, and intends to use part of these funds to hire an International
Consultant with solid and proven experience in Project Management.


The Consultant will have two primary objectives in support of CMAM:  
1) to develop the scope of work, system and supporting documentation for the
major activities for CMAM and meet the Conditions Precedent for
disbursement in the Grant, and thus expedite approval and disbursement for
these activities; 
2) to train a locally-hired Project Manager who will
oversee the implementation of the Grant for CMAM for the remainder of the
Grant period. A critical responsibility of the Consultant is to assure that
large, outsourced activities are planned (including development of
management and monitoring systems) in accordance with Global Fund
requirements and in a timely fashion. The Consultant is also responsible
for supporting smaller, priority activities under the Round 8 Grant for
CMAM such as the recruitment and training of a local Project Manager, who
will oversee the remainder of the Grant.

The International Consultant will undertake her/his activities in CMAM, of
the Ministry of Health, under the supervision and coordination of the
Director of CMAM, with the following attributes and responsibilities:

1.       Lead the design and planning, tender writing, and development of
the management, monitoring and reporting systems for a series of outsourced
service contracts financed through the Ministry of Health by the Global
Fund Round 8 proposal. Ensure that these are done in accordance with the
national procurement/contracting regulations and Global Fund expectations.
The major outsourced activities are the following:

·         Central contract for a company (or companies) to assess the
infrastructure needs of the 10 provincial warehouses and implement a
prioritized infrastructure improvement plan (budgeted at $1 million);

·         Central contract for a company (or companies) to provide
comprehensive maintenance and support for the Logistics Management
Information System (LMIS) at 140 sites, including provinces, major
hospitals and districts (budgeted at $1.3 million);

·         Central contract to provide transportation services for the
distribution of medicines from provincial warehouses to district depots
and/or hospitals and health centers (budgeted at $1.6 million);

·         For each of these activities, the Consultant must become familiar
with the conditions precedent, other requirements, and other expectations
of the Global Fund to ensure steady progress in the planning, award and
implementation of activities, as well as strong performance by

2.       Support CMAM in the recruitment of a locally-hired Project Manager
to oversee Grant implementation through the Grant Period.

3.       Build the capacity of the recruited Project Manager to
successfully implement the Grant, including implementation and follow up of
the outsourced awards and utilization of the monitoring and reporting
systems designed by the Consultant.

4.       Build capacity of CMAM staff involved in Round 8 activities to
implement and utilize of the monitoring and reporting systems designed by
the Consultant.

5.       Liaise with MISAU/DPC, MISAU programs, other donors and technical
partners, and the Global Fund on planning related to Round 8 CMAM
activities. Leverage expertise from MISAU and technical partners of MISAU
in the design and implementation of Round 8 activities.

6.       Until the Project Manager starts, report to the Global Fund,
through the Direcção de Planificação e Cooperação (DPC), on CMAM-based
indicators in the Round 8 Grant.

7.       Support proper design, planning, control, management and
monitoring of other CMAM Round 8 activities that should be launched during
the term of the Consultant.

8.       Ensure that the design of Round 8 activities is aligned with the
Strategic Plan for Pharmaceutical Logistics and the operational needs of
CMAM and the national supply chain.


·   Master’s degree or higher in Project Management, Public
Administration, Operations, Business, Logistics or other relevant area.
Significant work experience (15+ years in relevant areas) can substitute
for advanced degree.

·   Extensive professional experience (e.g., 8+ years recommended) in
public procurement and contract management including design, management and
monitoring of suppliers’ performance, preferably related to supply chain
and/or the Global Fund awards.

·  Professional experience (e.g., 3+ years recommended) working in
procurement and supply chain, preferably for pharmaceuticals and health

·   Familiarity with Global Fund Grant implementation (2+ years of
experience), including procurement policy, monitoring and reporting

·    At least 3+ years of experience working with Ministries of Health
or other public sector agencies in low income countries.

·     Strong inter-personal and communication skills, ability to
develop and maintain collaborative relationships with government and
development partner colleagues.

·    Strong organizational skills.

·    Proficiency in English and Portuguese (written and spoken).

Eligible candidates are invited to present their candidature by email with
a letter and curriculum vitae, to the below address, until 15:00 (Maputo
time) on December 18th, 2013.

PNhaducue@cmam.gov.mz  with copy to 

Paulo Nhaducue, Director
Central de Medicamentos e Artigos Médicos
Ministério de Saúde
Av. Agostinho Neto/Salvador Allende*
Maputo, Moçambique
Kevin Pilz <kpilz@usaid.gov>

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