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[e-drug] Liberia seeking Senior Technical Advisor National Drug Service

E-DRUG: Liberia seeking Senior Technical Advisor National Drug Service

[For more detailed information contact Dean Kulah <deankulah25@yahoo.com>.  
Apply to proumohsw@gmail.com 
no later than *December 6, 2013 at 3:30pm. 
according to instructions at the end of the message.]

Ref: MOH&SW/EOI/IC/01/2013/2014

Terms of Reference: Senior Technical Advisor National Drug Service, 
Monrovia, Liberia

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH&SW) is seeking to 
contract the services of an individual consultant to serve as Technical 
Advisor to the National Drug Service.

Background and Rationale

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is the current supervising 
authority of the National Drug Service (NDS), the Liberian public Sector 
Drug Supply organization (DSO) charged with the responsibility for 
coordinating procurement, customs clearance, storage, distribution and 
overall management of publicly procured essential medicines, medical 
supplies and diagnostics for the entire population.Furthermore, while 
the NDS is primarily responsible for provision of warehousing, storage 
and distribution services at the central and county levels, the MOHSW 
through its Supply Chain Management Unit (SCMU) plays a key role in 
providing overall management of the health supply chain.The SCMU leads 
quantification, forecasting, tracking and reporting of consumption of 
health products through the Logistics Management Information System, and 
ensures policy and operational coordination and coherence among various 
partners and stakeholders including NDS, MOHSW programs (i.e. the 
National Malaria Control Program, the Family Health Division, etc.), and 
other donors and partners. Close coordination, planning, and 
communications between SCMU and NDS are critical for ensuring an 
effective public health supply chain.

The NDS is currently constrained by a host of challenges ranging from 
weak and ageing infrastructure for storage and distribution, inadequate 
storage space, human resource for managing key operations, weak 
institutional arrangements for delivering effectively and efficiently 
needed health interventions to desired service delivery points. The 
natural conditions of the roads in the country including the poor road 
network due to devastations of war have made product delivery even more 
challenging thereby militating access to essential health interventions.

Progress to date
In order to address these challenges, the following measures have 
already been taken:

-Reconstituted the Board of the National Drugs Service to enhance the 
governance and oversight of the NDS

-A new pharmaceutical warehouse estimated to make available about 3,000 
Meter square of storage space by the MOH&SW and partners is being planned

-Diagnostic assessment of the operations of the NDS to identify sources 
ofinefficiencies and to propose recommendations for addressing lapses 

-Operational audit of the NDS including tracking and reconciliation of 
commodities throughout the supply chain

-The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare approached the Global Fund to 
support a position to strengthenand transform the NDS into the desired 
service level

-The government and development partners have collaborated to develop an 
interim roadmap for improving operations and minimising losses in NDS 
and to restore confidence in NDS.

-Developed an interim strategy to enhance access and accountability up 
to and including the last mile using a "top-up" system (this includes 
the aforementioned reforms at NDS).This system, known as the interim 
approach, is intended to be a temporary measure to improve availability 
of reliable stock and consumption data and raise accountability for 
commodities at all levels.Following the interim period of approximately 
six months, the approach will be evaluated, and conclusions drawn with 
respect to implementation and/or revision of the Supply Chain Master 
Plan for Liberia.

Position and post holder characteristics

The position holder will serve as Senior Technical Advisor on supply 
chain management and reform to the NDS and the Ministry of Health and 
Social Welfare (MOHSW) of Liberia, working in close liaison with the 
Managing Director and Board of the NDS, and the Director of the MOHSW's 
Supply Chain Management Unit.The Advisor will provide additional 
technical support to ensure the full implementation of reforms and 
measures identified in the interim strategy; evaluation of the interim 
approach and revision / updating of the Supply Chain Master Plan; and 
support the NDS at both the central and county levels in monitoring and 
guiding implementation of all controls necessary to assure and guarantee 
security of products from the central levelto the last mile in close 
collaboration with the SCMU.

The position holder will be expected to coordinate the efforts of other 
Technical Advisors currently supporting the NDS and SCMU, which include:

·The Operations Advisor at NDS, hired by the USAID DELIVER Project, 
posted to the NDS to support the Operations Manager in building the 
capacity of NDS in warehousing, distribution, inventory management, and 

·The Supply Chain Analyst, hired by the Clinton Health Access 
Initiative, posted to NDS and SCMU to provide data and policy analysis 
support for identifying and implementing interventions to improve drug 

·The National Professional Officer -- PSM Specialist -- soon to be 
recruited and located within the PCU to support procurement and supply 
management components, including PSM plan development, follow up with 
VPP and ensuring timely execution of PSM related components of the three 
Global Fund grants.

Specific Terms of Reference:
Working in close liaison with the NDS Managing Director and the SCMU, 
the Technical Advisor will:-*

1.Support the coordination, management, and assessment of lessons 
learned from the Interim Approach, as well as implementation of supply 
chain reforms.

2.Monitor and ensure that management controls are enforced for ensuring 
security of all program commodities at central and peripheral level in 
close collaboration with SCMU, and with emphasis on improving management 
at the county depot level

3.Work with the Managing Director of NDS to develop a business plan 
outlining the changes required within NDS to fulfil its roles in the 
Supply Chain Master Plan.

4.Work with NDS to develop service level agreements between NDS and its 
customers including the SCMU, MOHSW programs, and county health teams.

5.Work with NDS and SCMU management to ensure monthly, quarterlyand 
annual inventory count and stock reconciliation are made at all levels 
of the supply chain and results analysed and used by relevant stakeholders

6.Strengthen NDS collaboration with the SCMU to ensure that stock 
information and consumption data are accurately captured at the last 
mile and transmitted to the central level to support evidence based 
planning and replenishment;

7.Work with the SCMU and other partners to ensure that timely and 
accurate forecasts and quantification of needs forall program 
commodities are completed; and that plans are reviewed quarterly against 
forecasts/assumptions and results shared with relevant partners.

8.Facilitate the review of needs forIT infrastructure at county level 
for managing inventory and recommend appropriate actions to ensure 
availability of accurate data and records for decision making;

9.Coordinate with the director of the SCMU to ensure the availability 
and functionality of enabling structures at counties and facilities 
levels are supportive for the successful implementation of the interim 

10 Coordinate with the SCMU to ensure that the operations of the interim 
strategy at the county and facility levels conform to plans and ensuring 
that reconciliation reports are made available to NDS and all partners 
Work with the SCMU/NDS to ensure that storage conditions at counties and 
health facilities comply with Good Storage Practices

11.Facilitate a establishment of a technical platform that brings 
together on a routine bases, the senior technical staff of the SCMU and 
NDS (including the other TAs in NDS) to exchange ideas, share work 
plans, plan strategies, discuss common challenges and resolve supply 
chain bottle neck and improve product availability as mandated under the 
TOR of the Supply chain technical Working Group and the Interim Task Force.

12.Facilitate and convene weekly management meetings in NDS amongst 
senior staff and the embedded TAs to coordinate work planning processes 
and ensure desired outputs are realized.

13.Liaise with the Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory 
Authorities to ensure compliance to donor funded Quality Assurance 
policies by monitoring the quality of products along the national pipeline

14.Participate in supply chain related meetings to capture stakeholder 
opinion on the performance of the NDS and use the feedback for internal 
planning and improvements

15. Participate in NDS Board meetings, its planning and make regular 
progress reports to the Board

16.Perform other tasks as might be directed by Honourable Minister for 
Health and/or his representatives

Reporting and accountability

-The post holder will report directly to the NDS Board chair and the 
Chief Medical Officer of the MOHSW. For day-to-day activities, the 
Advisor's primary counterpart will be the Managing Director of the 
National Drug Service (NDS).In addition, the advisor will regularly 
interact with and advise the Director of the MOHSW's Supply Chain 
Management Unit to support and coordinate the activities of county 
pharmacists and staff at county depots.

-Produce monthly progress reports of activities that elaborate on (i) 
the implementation of the Interim approach (ii) effectiveness of 
controls and (iii) stock status report (months of available stock) with 
an analysis of expiry risks to ensure timely procurement decisions. Make 
this available to the Honourable Minister and the Global Fund Program 
Management unit for the purpose of monitoring and coordination to ensure 
optimal inventory

-Produce quarterly activity reports of the NDS to all stakeholders 
including the Board and the Honourable Minister

Qualifications and desired competences
a.Master degree in Business Administration or MPH
b.Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy or related field
c.At least 10 years of similar experience in managing a drug supply 
organization in a developing country setting, 5 of which must be in a 
health commodities' warehouse preferably in Africa or other developing 
d.3 years' of consistent exposure in dynamic and fast changing 
operational and management environment with successful record of 
organizational reforms to a public health supply chain organization
e.Experience in logistics/supply chain management especially public 
health commodities management


-Result oriented, team player
-Ability to work under pressures and in a fast changing environment
-Ability to lead teams, motivate staff and self-managing
-Demonstrated skills in Microsoft Office Suite applications, including 
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
-Excellent planning and organizational skills.
-Excellent English (written and oral) communication skills.
-International and multicultural experience

Duration of Consultancy: One year with possibility of renewal subject 
to successful performance.

HOW TO APPLY: *Drop your expression of interest (application), CV and 
other relevant documents and information in the tender box situated on 
the ground floor
or via email in pdf: proumohsw@gmail.com 
no later than *December 6, 2013 at 3:30pm.

Jacob L.N Wapoe
Acting Director of Procurement
Ministry of Health & Social Welfare
Congo Town, Room#140 or via email: proumohsw@gmail.com 

Note: only short listed applicants will be contacted by phone or email 
for interview.

Dean E. Kulah, Bsc.**, MBA, CPS
Procurement Specialist, Economist
Procurement Liaison Officer
Program Coordinating Unit & Procurement Coordinator
Ministry of Health & Social Welfare
Republic of Liberia
Cell: +231-886-536991/777-536-991
Email: deankulah25@yahoo.com/deankulah25@gmail.com

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