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[e-drug] Prescrire International n°143 - November2013

E-DRUG: Prescrire International n°143 - November2013

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In the November issue of Prescrire International:

Axitinib (Inlyta°): No better than sorafenib in kidney cancer
In patients with metastatic kidney cancer in whom interferon alfa has failed, 
the only available comparative trial showed that axitinib did not prolong 
overall survival compared to sorafenib. Axitinib has a burdensome adverse 
effect profile and carries a risk of numerous drug-drug interactions.


Piribedil: sleep attacks, also in patients without Parkinson's disease
Unnecessary exposure of patients to the adverse effects of piribedil is not 
justified. It is better to use drugs with demonstrated efficacy instead.
- Piribedil is a dopamine agonist used in Parkinson's disease and a variety of 
other clinical situations although its efficacy has not been demonstrated.
- A study based on the French national pharmacovigilance database identified 
and analysed 7 reports of sleep attacks attributed to piribedil in patients 
without Parkinson's disease. The case reports are detailed and indicate that 
piribedil has a direct role in the onset of sleep attacks.
- To spare patients unnecessary exposure to the adverse effects of piribedil, 
it is better to avoid using piribedil and to choose drugs with demonstrated 
efficacy instead.


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