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[e-drug] RxISK Petition for Access to Clinical Trial Data

E-DRUG: RxISK Petition for Access to Clinical Trial Data
[Humira (TM) is adalimumab and has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and 
some other inflammatory conditions.  It has a significant side-effect profile. 

Dear e-drug friends

The pharmaceutical company AbbVie, makers of Humira have taken legal action to 
block the European Medicines' Agency's policy of open access to clinical trial 

Essentially AbbVie are asking the Courts to grant their Corporation the
privacy rights of an individual - a very powerful wealthy individual.  If
this legal action succeeds Adverse Event data will be hidden for ever.

We want you and anyone you know to sign a petition calling on AbbVie to
drop their legal action against the EMA. The petition is here

or in Brazilian, Spanish, French, Han,Hindi and soon Urdu and Arabic on
Rxisk here

This petition is as much for those prescribed drugs as for those
prescribing them - so we are hoping to spread word about it generally.

We are also trying to get every country in the world to sign. We have 72 of
the 187 countries signed up but would love to have all.  Anything you can
do to find us signatures from South East Asia to Central America would be

David Healy
Professor of Psychiatry
Hergest Unit
Bangor Wales LL57 2PW
United Kingdom
T 44-1248-384453
C 447771897792
E david.healy54@googlemail.com

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