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[e-drug] Hepatitis Vaccine administered in place of oral polio drops in India

E-DRUG: Hepatitis Vaccine administered in place of oral polio drops in India
[According to news sites eg
it seems that parents rushed the children to hospital when the wrong vaccine 
was noted. The news report said that 'The condition of all the children is 
reported to be normal and they have been released from the hospital.'  The West 
Bengal Government ...     'constituted a four-member committee headed by Chief 
Medical Officer (Health), Hooghly, to probe the incident. The panel has been 
asked to submit a report by Tuesday," said B Satpathy, Director of Health 
Services, West Bengal government. Terming the incident "not pardonable", 
Satpathy said the "major goof-up" did not turn fatal as the Hepatitis B vaccine 
is injectable, "and has no adverse effect on the health of the children when 
administered orally". "Such goof-ups cannot be tolerated. The workers should 
have been more careful,'' he added.'  
We share Mohanta's concern.  And what was Hep B vaccine doing in a polio focus 
And it must have been hard to get  drops out of a hep v vial. BS]

Dear Colleagues,
It has been reported that Hepatitis B vaccine was administered in place of oral 
polio drops to over 100 children in West Bengal, India. Many children started 
vomiting after the vaccination and were hospitalized. The Government has taken 
the matter seriously suspending the concerned staff and ordering inquiry.

One of newspapers reported that parents only noticed this mix up. The children 
complained of vomiting. 

Of the 67 children admitted to Arambagh sub-divisional hospital, 18 were 
discharged later and the rest have been kept under observation. Would the taste 
alone of this small amount (2 drops) cause vomiting?

Children have not received polio vaccine, that is an issue. That would have 
gone unnoticed. 

But what are the safety issues! Primarily this is my concern!!
Though the mix up is not acceptable,  but why this causes the effects in 
children. If tolerable by injection, then why it cannot be tolerable orally.

I would like to get enlightened further with your views.
Thanking you in advance!

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Professor, Department of Pharmacy,
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