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[e-drug] Request for information: shipment tracking software

E-DRUG: Request for information: shipment tracking software

Dear E-Drug colleagues,

A colleague at a small NGO who handles Procurement of medical 
commodities (medicines, consumable medical supplies, some medical 
equipment) asked me if I know a software package that she can use to 
track the multiple shipments in her orders. She needs to know:
* how the order has been split into containers
* what is in each container (down to the item name/strength/quantity and 
if possible the batch #/expiry date)
* which containers are in which shipment
* links to eg Bill of Lading, insurance documentation, inspection 
certificates, etc,
* where the shipment is, its destination and expected arrival date.

She might also be interested in a Procurement database that lets her 
link copies of tender documents, bid documents, tender review documents, 
contracts, purchase orders, invoices, etc to each commodity and then to 
the Shipment Tracking system.

I know about Inventory Control software for medical commodities, but not 
about shipment tracking. I will happily summarize your suggestions and 
report back to this group, as well as sharing with my colleague.

Thank you in advance for your ideas,

Libby Levison
International health consultant, medical logistics
Boston, MA

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