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[e-drug] List of book on medicines and/or Big Pharma (6)

E-DRUG: List of book on medicines and/or Big Pharma (6)

Dear E-druggers;

Thanks to all who are contributing to this List.  Having worked for 21 years in 
Big Pharma and with annual budgets of over $100 million for my organization 
alone, I know that some crazy things get disseminated. But a lot of good points 
are made as well, and most of the books on this list are well reasoned.  I am 
looking through some of what Graham Dukes publishes that I've never seen before 
and it's great reading.

Joseph M. Fortunak
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Howard University
525 College Street NW
Washington, DC 20069 USA
+1 202 806 6880 (office)
+1 301 928 7568 (mobile)
jfortunak@comcast.net (preferred)

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