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[e-drug] WHO PQ now charging application fees (3)

E-DRUG: WHO PQ now charging application fees (3)

I completely agree that this pre-qualification program is an essential one and 
understand the step to move to charging applicants to keep it alive even if it 
means taking the risk of limiting the supplier base and potentially raising the 
independency of its review process. 

On the other hand I am amazed that such a program, one of the flagships of 
essential medicines, has not succeeded in mobilizing funds from donors.

It is obvious that so many countries and programs benefit from this 
pre-qualification program. The Global Fund, for example, pumps annually 
hundreds of millions in prequalified medicines and does not seem to see an 
interest in funding the program and authority that it uses as the basis for its 
own quality policy.

So the fact that even this program does not get sufficiently funded points to 
the lack of willingness of donors to support this type of programs and/or the 
lack of capacity of WHO as an organization and its ED program to mobilize funds.

That should make WHO leadership, its board and partners rethink their 
strategies about essential medicines and fund raising.

Best regards

Rino Guy Meyers 
Senior Procurement Adviser
Partnership with The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
HIV, Health and Development Group
Bureau for Development Policy
United Nations Development Programme - Geneva Office 
Office: 11-13 Chemin des An�mones, Ch�telaine, CH-1219 Geneva, Switzerland
Guy Rino Meyers <guy.rino.meyers@undp.org>
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