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[e-drug] Prescrire international n°141 - September 2013

E-DRUG: Prescrire international n°141 - September 2013

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In the September issue of Prescrire International:

Baclofen and severe alcohol dependence: an uncertain harm-benefit balance as of 
early 2013
More data are needed on the efficacy and adverse effects of baclofen in alcohol 
dependence, compared with other options. Patients who have received thorough, 
well-balanced information, and decide to try baclofen as a last resort should 
be included in comparative clinical studies.

Ferumoxytol (Rienso°) - an intravenous iron, riskier than iron sucrose
Pharmacovigilance data and the results of a clinical trial show that serious 
adverse events are more frequent with ferumoxytol (Rienso°) than with iron 

Summary :
- In patients with chronic renal failure, iron sucrose is the standard 
treatment for iron-deficiency anaemia when the intravenous route is preferable 
to the oral route.
- In practice: do not use. In patients requiring intravenous iron 
administration, there is no firm evidence that ferumoxytol is more effective 
than iron sucrose, while it appears to have more serious adverse effects. It is 
better to avoid using ferumoxytol and to choose iron sucrose instead.


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