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[e-drug] The Glivec Precedent

E-DRUG: The Glivec Precedent

Dear Colleagues

I write to share news about a set of articles that critically evaluate the
recent Supreme Court of India's decision on the patentability of Glivec -
the Novartis anti-cancer drug. The ruling that finds Glivec foul of the
standards under India's patent laws - in particular section 3(d) that
concerns with ever-greening - is a particularly important judgement on,
among other things, the residual space to interpret TRIPS.

The latest issue of Economic and Political Weekly has a set of short pieces
that evaluate the judgement and the wider context to this case - and the
long-standing struggle in the South for a humanitarian patent regime. The
issue - and these articles are open-access and are as follows:

The Supreme Court Judgment:
<http://www.epw.in/glivec-precedent/supreme-court-judgment.html> 'Lawmaking'
in the South / Dwijen Rangnekar

Who Invented Glivec? Does It Matter Anyway?
y.html>  / Graham Dutfield

Two Decades of Struggle
<http://www.epw.in/glivec-precedent/two-decades-struggle.html>  / Amit

Analysing the Supreme Court Judgment
/ Anand Grover

Is Section 3(d) Consistent with TRIPS?
<http://www.epw.in/glivec-precedent/section-3d-consistent-trips.html>  /
Carlos M Correa

 <http://www.epw.in/glivec-precedent/%E2%80%98drop-case%E2%80%99.html> 'Drop
the Case' / Leena Menghaney

The Need to Curb Patents on Known Substances
/ K M GopaKumar

 The entire issue can be accessed at

Political economy of plant breeders
<http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13563467.2013.796445> ' rights in Kenya

The Glivec Precedent / EPW / August 2013

Putting Novartis in Place / Hardnews / July 2013

Best regards

Dwijen Rangnekar
School of Law
University of Warwick
"Dwijen Rangnekar" <dwijen.rangnekar@gmail.com>

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