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[e-drug] Scores of unessential drugs - the main game (8)

E-DRUG: Scores of unessential drugs - the main game (8)
{Do look at the video link - related to unessential registered drugs but also 
about disease mongering.  Thanks Antonio. BS)

Dear Colleagues,
In regard with the mail of professor Don Light, I would like to highlight
the importance to be able to spread these concepts to the general public
and in an easy way. I think it's the only way we have to be able to change
these situations.

In this regard, I´d share with you the experience of a group of students in
the 3rd course of High School in Spain, winners of the second prize of the
first festival of short films on polypharmacy and health,
 "The Encephalowhasapathy" (http://youtu.be/aAroRssruTQ).
I think that summarize and express very well the whole series of concepts.

Antonio Villafaina Barroso 
Pharm. PhD. 
Specialist in Social Intervention. 
Primary Care Pharmacist.
Antonio Villafaina Barroso <antonio.villafaina@gmail.com>

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