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[e-drug] Scores of unessential drugs - the main game(2)

E-DRUG: Scores of unessential drugs - the main game(2)

This report is very discouraging to those of us in developing countries who 
have in the past relied on the FDA as a stringent drug regulatory authority 
where we do not have the resources to evaluate the new chemical entities that 
have been approved. This makes me feel that when companies with FDA approval 
come to market their products in our countries we are in a sense being used as 
guinea pigs. 

I trust that the FDA authorities have received this report and are committed to 
rectifying the anomalies addressed in the report. Can anyone confirm this. If 
not then we in the developing countries  must demand that they style up

Dr. Elizabeth Ominde-Ogaja
Executive Secretary for Health
Kisumu County
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