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[e-drug] Essential Drug Patents Database

E-Drug: Essential Drug Patents Database
[Cross posted from IP health with thanks]

Dear All,

As a way of making our previous patent landscape reports (available at
http://www.i-mak.org/patent-landscapes/) easier to search and disseminate, we 
have started to convert some of the data into searchable databases.

The first landscape report we have converted into a searchable database is for 
pegylated interferon alfa 2A and 2B. The database is available at 

Where available, documents for each identified patent can be downloaded.

We are in the process of converting and updating our HIV Drug Patents in China 
landscape from 2010, which will be available shortly.

Future patent landscapes we are working on will be also be made available in a 
database format.

Tahir Amin
Co-Founder and Director of Intellectual Property Initiative for Medicines, 
Access & Knowledge (I-MAK)
Website: www.i-mak.org
Email: tahir@i-mak.org

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