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[e-drug] Regulate pharmacy and medicines in one or separate laws?

E-DRUG: Regulate pharmacy and medicines in one or separate laws?

Dear E-druggers,

Kenya is in the process of reviewing the pharmacy laws. One of the schools
of thought is whether to have a stand-alone pharmacy practice and
Pharmaceutical products, food, cosmetics, medical devices statutes with the
latter emanating from the health policy is separate which advocates for
separate laws.

1.      Pharmacy Practice incorporating registration of pharmacists;
premises; practice standards (GPP; GDP; GMP; etc)and enforcement

2.      Pharmacy Regulatory control incorporating  Marketing authorization
of pharmaceutical products (human & animal); health technologies; medical
devices, cosmetics, therapeutic foods

There are arguments in support of single legislation are founded to the
principle of tying  up the pharmaceutical product and profession to avoid
the loss of control persons without competences inherent in basic pharmacy
thus side-lining the profession. 

Previously in several jurisdictions the control has been of pharmacy practice 
and distribution chain of medicines but now the additional scope with foods, 
cosmetics, etc are areas skills and competencies have not been well built.  

I will appreciate any analysis and/or knowledge of best practice in
stringent regulatory for either under one authority or separate with related
advantages or constrains. 

Please reply to wow@pharmaqltd.com 

Best regards

Dr. W.O. Wanyanga
Pharmacist & Executive Director
PharmaQ Limited
Mobile: +254 722 570 304; +254 772 570 304;
+254 733 748478.
Telkom wireless: +254 20 2053 655
email: wow@pharmaqltd.com

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