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[e-drug] New information on the 1960s thalidomide case (2)

E-DRUG: New information on the 1960s thalidomide case (2)

dear E-druggers,

It is valuable to publish and circulate this story, because companies have 
behaved in very similar ways now; but I don't think it's a hidden or covered up 

For example, Hilts, in his widely read book, Protecting America's Health: The 
FDA, Business and One Hundred Years of Regulation (Knopf 2003) has a passage on 
it, and Chapter 2 of The Risks of Prescription Drugs (Columbia Univ Press 2010) 
recounts it together with examples of the wider pattern. 

In recent years, companies have feigned surprise at reports of serious toxic 
effects, when we later learn through court cases that they knew about them. 
Then they dismiss them as aberrations, or problems caused by other factors and 
reaffirm how safe and effective the drug is. It's a real concern that some 
companies do not respond the other way, being very quick to protect their 
customers and quickly mobilize to look into the merits of the reports.  

I will be looking into these matters further as a new Fellow at the Edmond J. 
Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University this coming year.



Donald W. Light
Cell: 609-216-0071
Professor, UDMNJ-SOM
Visiting Researcher, Center for Migration & Development, Princeton University  
Network Fellow, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University 
Senior Fellow, Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania  

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