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[e-drug] For cheaper drugs options,send SMS (10)

E-DRUG: For cheaper drugs options, send SMS (10)

dear E-druggers,

Cost of carrying inventory of several brands of a particular drug become 
exorbitant in India, given the fact there are several hundred brands /branded 
generics in market. Overall profitability can reduce through high inventory 
carrying costs. 
To that extent substituting brands available in his/her pharmacies should be 
encouraged so long as pharmacist is sure that quality and bioequivalence are 
not sacrificed. The law that prescribed brand alone should be dispensed is not 
being monitored fully in India and such act is not followed by many countries. 
In fact this act should be reviewed for repeal. There are more benefits to 
consumer as well as pharmacies in allowing lesser priced /other brands of same 
drug to be dispensed.


CK Aiyer
Professor (retired) Pharma management

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