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[e-drug] ARV medication factory opens in Mozambique

E-DRUG: RV medication factory opens in Mozambique (2)


This is good news. It is a step in the right direction. I congratulate The 
Institute of Drug Technology and the Mozambique government. The impact of this 
move will be sustainable and it should be a challenge to any well-meaning 
partner that sincerely wants to help the people, not the merchants who really 
want to maintain the status quo. I challenge other African countries to go in 
this direction. They should not consider their short-term financial gain that 
usually accrue through corruption and connivance with some so-called partners, 
but they should take a honourable step that will alleviate the sufferings of 
their people. 


'Fola Tayo
President, West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists
Retired Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, university of Lagos and former 
professor of Pharmacology

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