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[e-drug] ARV medication factory opens in Mozambique

E-DRUG: ARV medication factory opens in Mozambique

Anti-retrovirus medication factory in Mozambique to open Saturday
Source: Club of Mozambique

(2012-07-17) The Institute of Drug Technology (Instituto de Tecnologia 
em Fármacos- Farmanguinhos), of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), 
Saturday opened a factory for anti-retroviral medication near Maputo, 
the foundation said in a statement issued Friday.

Costing 200 million Brazilian reals, half of which provided by the 
Brazilian government and the remaining 50 percent by donations from 
private companies, such as mining group Vale, the new factory was 
planned and built over a period of four years.

Fiocruz also said that initially the medication produced at the factory 
would be consumed in Mozambique, one of the countries with the highest 
levels of HIV/AIDS, and later would produce enough drugs to supply 
Sub-Saharan Africa.

The factory's inauguration will be attended by the Brazilian Vice 
President, Michel Temer.

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