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[e-drug] Multinationals out to make higher profits in developing countries (4)

E-DRUG: Multinationals out to make higher profits in developing countries (4)

[It can be misleading to lump all EU countries together when it comes to 
generic prescribing. In some EU countries generic prescribing is relatively 
high e.g. UK, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands while in others is relatively low 
e.g. France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain. Although a bit outdated, in 2006 
generic marketshare in Ireland and Greece was <5% by value and <10% by volume 
whereas in the UK it was about 25% by value and 65% by volume. 

Dear Ajay,

Are there no generic alternatives in Botswana as other substances of these
two classes have expired in most of the countries much earlier, e.g.
losartan and simvastatin? Strengthening generic prescribing and the model
of tender markets has driven the use of generic versions in a lot of
industrialised countries like US, Europe. In the US the price of a generic
comes down to less than 10% of the innovators product as soon as the patent
expires and the competitors appear on the market.

Best regards

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