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[e-drug] Glaxo to pay $3 bn for largest health care fraud in US (13)

E-DRUG: Glaxo to pay $3 bn for largest health care fraud in US (13)

[Richmond's argument doesn't seem to be correct here. Patents are national, and 
it is up to the importing country to enforce patents, not the generic 
manufacturer. If referring to within India, under India's TRIPS compliant 
patent laws (since 2005) their manufacturers cannot produce patented medicines 
without agreement of the licence holder. Thus there does not seem to be an 
argument for intellectual property violations as claimed (unless Richmond or 
other colleagues would like to provide some examples). However, he is correct 
that generic manufacturers are also motivated by profit - but I don't think 
they use the argument that they are increasing access to medicines any more 
than the innovator companies do - and they too can be involved in unethical 
and/or illegal marketing practices of their products leading to problems of 
irrational use of medicines. DB]

Dear All,

When the big fishes are caught like GSK and Pfizer, they are fined albeit
inadequate deterrent for non disclosure of serious adverse effects. But what
happens to generic manufacturers of these medicines in countries like India
who export widely to developing countries in Africa. These manufacturers do
not wait for patency years to expire where probably post marketing serious
adverse events may be observed but immediately join the bandwagon of the
innovator companies soon after the new medicine is released to profit as
such. Who fines such companies in the developing world who will not respect
intellectual property rights but hide under the cloak of improving access to
medicines for the ordinary person but really seeks to profiteer?

Richmond Adusa-Poku
Ray Pharmacy
Asawasi, Kumasi

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