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[e-drug] Support the francophone ReMeD network!

E-DRUG: Support the francophone ReMeD network!

Dear E-druggers,

The French organisation ReMeD is the driving force behind our francophone
counterpart E-Med with Carinne Bruneton as its hard-working moderator.
ReMeD recently has had to reduce its activities after it ran into financial
trouble, after the government subsidy stopped.
They are now continuing on a voluntary, no-pay basis. They need support!

I would like to urge all francophone E-druggers to also subscribe to E-Med,
and to help ReMeD if you can.
On its English-language website it lists 3 ways to support ReMeD:

1 Make a donation!
 ...and make it possible for us to continue our work in public health and
prescription medicines and enable us to better the lives of populations in
2 Become a member!
...be part of the network and stay informed on all of our professional
educational programs, discussions, conferences and other events. You will
also receive our quarterly newsletter with articles on current health issues
for countries in a developing context by leading professionals.

3 Search or buy and ReMeD benefits!
... help ReMeD when buying products on some of the most common sites like
Amazon and Dell. Click the logo and learn how you can help without any
additional time or costs to you!
You can also use ?Solisurf? and every time you search with Google or Yahoo,
you can help!



below a description of the huge quantities of good work of ReMeD

Wilbert (E-Drug)


Availability, accessibility and proper use of high-quality drugs are key for
sustainable health development

About ReMed


ReMed is a recognised public interest association governed by the 1901 Law
(registration no: 39087 4691 00020)
Date of creation: 9 February 1993 (published in the French official journal
dated 3 March 1993)

Who are we?
? an international solidarity association working to improve access to
quality drugs in developing countries
? based in Paris, France
? a network of 2000 health professionals worldwide (see below).

What do we do?
? Promote, facilitate and coordinate the exchange of information on drugs
between health professionals from North and South
? Create awareness campaigns among North and South populations regarding
problematic issues in the field of drugs
? Organise skill transfer and training for health professionals
? Offer our services and expertise to all our partners.

In which countries do we work?
? 22 countries in sub-Saharan Africa: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi,
Cameroon, Cape Verde Islands, Central Africa, Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon,
Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Comoros Islands, Madagascar, Mali,
Mauritania, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Chad, Togo,
? 3 Maghreb countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
? 2 Asian countries: Cambodia, Laos
? 1 Caribbean country: Haiti
? France.

ReMed: Mission and objectives

Nowadays  a child dies of malaria every thirty second in the developing
world, although treatment exists and it is possible to control the disease
in three days. Yet drugs are destroyed in such countries because they passed
their expiry date.
Our mission: training

For the last 17 years, ReMeD has set itself the task of helping pharmacists
in developing countries, particularly in Africa, and dealing with a
paradoxical situation: although billions are spent every year in purchasing
medicines in these countries, the general population do not have access to
inexpensive medicines.
ReMeD collaborates with health-care professionals in Francophone Africa to
ensure that medicines are not treated as ordinary merchandise but as public
health-care products and a vector of development.
Some existing problems in this area may be explained by bad governance and
corruption; however, efficient drug management requires special skills,
which are greatly lacking.

ReMeD is convinced that the first hurdle to development is a lack of
qualified human resources. We offer a long-term solution in promoting
training in drug management among health professionals. 

Our aim: increase availability of quality medicines
Good-quality medicines adapted to the needs of the population reach
developing countries thanks to the work of governments, international
organisations and North-South associations. However, due to the lack of a
proper distribution network and poor management, these are still not
accessible to the general public.
ReMeD brings together all major drug access policy makers, regardless of
their area of specialisation. The ReMeD network promotes exchanges and the
skill transfer between experts in order to help developing countries create
drug policies that are efficient, economically viable and adapted to their
needs so that the general population can have real access (both geographic
and financial) to the medicines essential for their health requirements.
Say NO to anarchic drug donations, Say YES to quality medicines

ReMeD is also active in France to stop the donation of unused medicines.
Although good-intentioned, sending surplus medicines to developing countries
can never help the local population. In fact, such unused drug donations by
the North weaken the South?s developmental efforts.

Réseau Médicaments et Développment - ReMeD 35, rue Daviel 75013 Paris
(Métro- Glacière)
 Tel : + 33 1 53 80 20 20    Fax : + 33 1 53 80 20 21

Wilbert Bannenberg, E-drug moderator
wjb@wxs.nl; Mob +31 6 20873123; Fax +31 84 7135814; Skype: wilbertb1;
Blackberry PIN: 23b0da13

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