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[e-drug] MSF issues new animation explaining evergreening

E-DRUG: MSF issues new animation explaining evergreening

With some discussion being raised around the Novartis vs India case in
India's Supreme court, Médecins Sans Frontières has produced this
user-friendly animation that explains what evergreening is and why it is an
attack on generic medicines.

'Evergreening drugs: an attack on generic medicines'.

Evergreening…sounds nice doesn’t it ? But evergreening is what drug
companies do when they want to increase profits and it leaves people in
developing countries without the medicines they need.

Watch this animation to learn more:

Take action at msfaccess.org/STOPnovartis

Please share it amongst your networks! Thanks

Joanna Keenan
Press Officer
Médecins Sans Frontières - Access Campaign
E: joanna.keenan[at]geneva.msf.org
T: twitter.com/joanna_keenan


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