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[e-drug] WHO: The evolving threat of antimicrobial resistance -Options for action (2)

E-DRUG: WHO: The evolving threat of antimicrobial resistance - Options for
action (2)

In this this thorough and good publication I miss one aspect.
Mapping antimicrobial resistance, AMR, is important. But international drug 
statistics is difficult, and one of the difficulties is that so few 
countries have implemented the ATC drug classification system. The ATC 
classification system for medicines is recommended by WHO, but the global 
use is hindered because especially USA, but also large countries like UK, 
France, Germany have not adapted ATC. And these countries do not have other 
systems suitable for international drug statistics.

We need international drug statistics also for other diseases, so put 
pressure on these countries.

Stein Lyftingsmo
Hospital Pharmacy of Elverum, Norway

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