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[e-drug] ORS/Zinc - Is a demand-drive approach a part of the answer?

E-DRUG: ORS/Zinc - Is a demand-drive approach a part of the answer?

I thought members of this list might be interested in a article on
supply-driven vs demand-driven approaches featured on Business Fights
Poverty today:

Here in Zambia, we are trialling this approach for an ADK (Anti-Diarrhoea
Kit) for the home treatment of diarrhoea. Each ADK will contain 8x4g
sachets of ORS, 10 Zinc tablets (which taste like sweets(!)) and a
sample-size bar of soap.

The packaging is re-usable and acts as the measure (200ml) for the water
and there is a one to one correlation between this volume of water and the
sachets. We are considering including a straw as a stirrer and as a novelty
for a mildly dehydrated (non-infant) child to drink the ORS. See:

In a parallel study we will testing the packaging as a SODIS device.

*Simon Berry*
*project manager | ColaLife Operational Trial Zambia (COTZ)**
**founder and ceo | ColaLife**
*+260 (0)9755 72175 | COTZ project office** http://colalife.org/map*
***skype: sxberry | simon@colalife.org | http://colalife.org**

is working in developing countries to bring Coca-Cola, its bottlers and
others together to open up Coca-Cola's distribution channels to carry
'social products' such as oral rehydration salts and zinc supplements to
save children's lives.

You can buy a Coca-Cola virtually anywhere in developing countries but in
these same places up to 1 in 5 children die before their 5th birthday from
simple preventable causes like dehydration from diarrhoea.

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