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[e-drug] Gaza patients suffering from lack of medicines

E-DRUG: Gaza patients suffering from lack of medicines

[Just a reminder that many still suffer from lack of access to essential 
medicines, equipment and diagnostics. How best to help? Not by sending useless 
donations, but if possible, assist with requested items or preferably funds. 
That means pull not push. Moderator]


The Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza has warned of health crisis in
Gaza due to the Palestinian Authority's refusal to transfer medicine and
hospital supplies to the people of Gaza.

Gaza's health ministry stock has run out of nearly half of its essential
drugs needed for blood cancer patients, epilepsy, drugs required for women
and children, in addition to surgery and hospital supplies.

All shipments of medicine from donor countries go directly to the central
storage facilities in Ramallah including Gaza's share of medicines but
Ramallah does not allow it to reach Gaza for political reasons.

Those at the highest risk are cancer, renal failure patients.
Patients appealed for help as their health is deteriorating due to lack of

At the Rantisi pediatric hospital where dozens of Gazan children are treated 
for chronic illnesses ranging from cancer to renal failure hospital
officials said their stock of medicine is almost depleted.

With the ongoing Israeli blockade and the Ramallah government's refusal to
deliver medicines to Gaza, chronically ill patients say they are caught
between a rock and a hard place.

Medical experts warn that because of lack of necessary medicines, patients
could face an imminent death unless they receive the necessary treatment on
time. The situation here is worse especially for chronically ill patients
who have to be on medication for long.

João L. Carapinha
Pharmaceutical Policy Analyst

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