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[e-drug] Cost of R&D for new medicines (2)

E-DRUG: Cost of R&D for new medicines (2)

[in response to Bonnie's question at the end, the problem is lack of 
transparency in the finances of pharmaceutical companies. Moderator]

Dear colleagues,

Thanks to Donald Light for this information on the cost of R&D. I think it is 
interesting to learn that indeed the cost of R&D is likely to be more 
subjective, close to an art, than a firm science. It therefore would follow, in 
my opinion, that any debate about R&D and how one can recover investments, also 
becomes a difficult one, particularly if one has no means to go into the 
details of each research event to establish the costs that applied therein. 
This is important, in my view, as the result thereof (the cost of a patent 
product) has a direct bearing on how affordable such a product will be, and 
therefore on public health.
Are these R&D costs declared any where, open to public view, etc? Is there a 
legal / ethical requirement to publish these R&D costs? I think it would be 
helpful to know if such information is available to the public, so that this 
debate can be better informed.

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