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[e-drug] Collapsing community pharmacy practice in Ghana (7)

E-DRUG: Collapsing community pharmacy practice in Ghana (7)

This is an issue that needs urgent attention and drastic measures needs to be 

I have worked  in Ghana and Cameroon as a Pharmacist and was really taken aback 
by the way government and the Pharmaceutical council reacted to the illegal 
supply and selling of drugs.

The situation is even worst in Ghana, where just anybody could open a Pharmacy. 
All they need is to have enough money to buy a Pharmacist's License and Capital 
to run the business. I raised this issue a couple of times in two similar 
situations in Ghana but the people around only laughed and told me. "This is 
Ghana, not Cameroon".

In Cameroon, the situation is not far from this. The big time Customers of most 
of our wholesale Pharmaceutical Companies, especially those dealing in Generics 
are unqualified market and roadside sellers of medications.

A good number of times Syndicate(Pharmacists) mobilise to fight against this 
practice but so far there have been no positive results. 

Anita Verla Forchu


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