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[e-drug] Logistics systems in the less developed world (6)

E-DRUG: Logistics systems in the less developed world (6)

Hi Beverley

I have to say I agree with you. My company is helping to address the issue
of stock-outs in health facilities using our technology platform known as
mango. We currently use mango to support the SMS for Life program in Kenya,
Ghana and are about to start in the DRC. The program gathers stock related
data from health facilities on a weekly basis using sms messages. The data
in those messages feeds straight in to reports, charts and maps that can be
accessed by any authorised user at anytime from anywhere that they can
access the internet. These enable the local ministry of health officials to
make real time decisions about stock redistribution and reordering, identify 
trends and potential bottle necks and make realistic plans for the future. 
Weekly reports are automatically sent by email to district health officers 
giving them that weeks figures for the facilities in the their district and 
they can access the system directly from those reports if they have internet 

We use the same system to capture surveillance data relating to appropriate
treatment rates: when combined with the stock data it gives a very clear
picture of what is happening in the health facilities, helps to reduce
stock-outs and helps to identify issues related to appropriate use of the

I'd be happy to share details of our work with anyone interested in finding
out more: my contact details are as follows,

Andrew Wyborn
Managing Director
Greenmash Ltd

t. +44 773 089 8802
e. andrew.wyborn@greenmash.com

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