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[e-drug] Shelf life of proprietary liquid preparation after opening (4)

E-DRUG: Shelf life of proprietary liquid preparation after opening (4)

Dear e-druggers,
I have beend following the issue of co-trimoxazole suspension stability after 
the container is opened for use and differnent opinions have been raised from 
the team with different recommendations.It is not only co-trimoxazole but also 
Nevirapine and Zidovudine liquid formulations are supposed to be dispensed for 
patients for a month in ART care,and in general practice some liquid 
preparations are prescribed for longer period of time e.g. Antacid suspensions 
prescribed PRN. The official monographs(pharmacopoeas) do recommend certain 
time period for a specific semisolide and liquide preparation based on either 
it is produced extemporanously or at industrial level. Is it not wise to follow 
their recommendation? I am also eager to see researches done on this area so 
that it will put all of us on the same page.

[The moderator is puzzled by the extensive exchange on this issue. What will 
happen after opening? It is not sterile from producer and it is not like an 
injections that might have been produced under inert gas and so may become 
exposed to oxygen after opening. Liquid preparations for oral use are not 
sterile and hopefully contain a preservative. If one considers there is a risk 
of microbial contamination, that is the only risk that limits stability].

Seyfu Abebe(BPHARM)

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