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[e-drug] Fraud plagues global health fund (2)

E-drug: Fraud plagues global health fund (2)

Dear all,

It is good that action is being taken to root out corruption and ensure 
that resources get to those in need.

Africans can and must keep and get their houses in order, but so must 
the donors. Donors love to claim the vanity of being generous when 
making "pledges" (soft commitments) under the media spotlight, and then 
only actually paying up an amount called the "commitment" (often much 
lower than the pledge)... perhaps this is a form of "soft" corruption 
(benefit from the limelight, but cheat on the delivery) that actually 
finds (shameless) expression in the statistical definitions of OECD Aid 
studies. Apparently if you put this practice in a statistical definition 
it is normalised and acceptable!

And that is leaving out the "double counting" of aid payments in some of 
the major donor countries, as identified by Action Aid research, etc.

Values that reject corruption must be consistently, not selectively, 

Riaz Tayob
SEATINI South Africa

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