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[e-drug] Extemporaneous compounding of d4T (2)

E-drug: Extemporaneous compounding of d4T (2)

[Although E-drug does not usually post commercial messages, this one was 
allowed since it is of relevance to the original post. DB]

Dear colleague

> The practice results in  almost $150 per month being 
> wasted because sixty 20 mg capsules are issued and only 45 are 
> used for 15mg bd dosing.  

The estimate of money wasted seems high. The Government Pharmaceutical 
Organization, Thailand sells Stavudine 15 mg capsule (60's) at 5 USD and 20mg 
capsule (60's) at 6 USD.

Achara Eksaengsri
Director of Research and Development Institute,
The Government Pharmaceutical Organization,
75/1 RamaVI Road, Ratchathewi,Bangkok 10400,Thailand 
Fax: +66-2-354-8880

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