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[e-drug] Guidance for starting a warfarin clinic

E-Drug: Guidance for starting a warfarin clinic

[This request is not really within the scope of E-Drug. However, if there are 
any clinical pharmacists who would like to assist this endeavour through 
providing pointers to literature or giving advice, please reply directly to the 
sender with a personal message - DB]

Dear collegues,

I am a M.Pharm clinical practice (post graduate) student of a reputed tertiary 
care teaching hospital in Kerala. The students of clinical pharmacy and PharmD 
post-baccalaureate students were given the opportunity and task of starting an 
anticoagulation clinic within our hospital setup as a part of our academics and 
profession. We know that cases with deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, 
valve replacement surgeries are increasing and need warfarin therapy which 
requires close and narrow monitoring. The risks and other aspects of 
anticoagulation therapy have to be highlighted in the present situation. 
Patient adherence and patient education are important parts of this therapy as 
this can become mostly a lifelong treatment.  We request E-druggers to help us 
providing relevant literatures, articles and guidelines that help us to 
establish an effective anticoagulation clinic. Suggestions and opinions are 
welcomed to make this venture a success. We hope to get your advice soon.

Anila.K .N.
Kerala, India

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