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[e-drug] Distribution strategies for ACTs (6)

E-drug: Distribution strategies for ACTs (6)

Dear all

> In an ideal world, this recipe could work. In the real world it is very
> difficult to regulate professional private providers -let alone shop
> keepers.

A nice point by Mohga - reality bites, not least because WHO has been tepid on 
Rational Use of Medicines and even where resolutions are taken, funding lags.

And if reality is to be taken into account then there should be more focus on 
preventative measures as well. Bed nets are good but do make a limited 
contribution to efficacy.

There are a number of preventative natural solutions that need to  complement 
the curative in addition to rational use of ACTs. For  instance, there are 
numerous plants in Africa that are well known  repellents (like Neem which is 
widely available in East Africa) which  can be developed for use with a little 
cost and education and initiative. Indian firms have developed a range of 
products based on  Neem, but perhaps there is need to see if a less 
"consumerist"  orientation can be brought to bear. By this I mean whether Neem  
(fresh/dried) can be adapted for use to keep the bugs away... in a way  that it 
remains as close to nature as possible (simple Neem leaf "dust"  does the trick 
in my limited experience) ... of course this is  potentially a solution where 
there would hardly be any money to be made  but that should not preclude it as 
a solution...

Riaz Tayob

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