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[e-drug] Distribution strategies for ACTs (3)

Dear E-Druggers,

I second the position of Dr. Aina. For sure we need rational use of
medicines and not mere access (taking into consideration long effects of
inappropriate utilization of ACT-- safety, resistance, etc.). 

I have observed some interventions of accelerating access of ACT through Public 
Private partnership whereby private drug shops are accredited to offer certain 
services. Before accreditation intensive training of drug dispensers, owners 
and regulators is conducted. This is coupled with social marketing strategies 
and improving regulatory mechanisms. I would recommend countries to take 
initiatives to take the following measures if we want to ensure access of ACT 
to the remotest areas of the countries:

1. Increase number of authorized outlets to dispense ACT by including private 
health facilities and drug shops
2. Subsidize ACTs and ensure they are available in private drug shops
3. Conduct intensive training for dispensers and owners; also training of 
prescribers (the training should be coupled with onsite mentorship)
4. Improve regulatory mechanisms - consider decentralization of inspection of 
drug outlets to lowest possible level
5. Link drug outlets with social insurance funds
6. Intensify public education on identification of malaria signs and  symptoms 
and rational drug use

Apart from these six points, it is critical to improve proper diagnosis of 
malaria through scale up of RDTs (this will help to correctly diagnose malaria).

Mwemezi Elnathan Ngemera, BPharm, MAHMPP
Nuffield Alumni
AIDSRelief Deputy Chief of Party
(Program Quality & Knowledge Mgt)
Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
NO. 144 Migombani Street
P. O. Box 34701 Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255222773141, +255713134030
Fax +255222774059

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