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[e-drug] Distribution strategies for ACTs

E-DRUG: Distribution strategies for ACTs

Dear E-Druggers

Greetings from frozen Britain, where I'm currently doing my Master of Public 
Health at the University of Leeds.

We had a serious in-class debate about delivery strategies for 
Artemisinin-Combination Therapies (ACTs) as public health intervention to 
control malaria in epidemics. The two sides of the argument are: 

1) The public health perspective which favours the mass distribution approach 
using self-treatment and social marketing of ACTs for mass population coverage.

2) On the other hand, there is a strong professional argument which is highly 
concerned about patients' safety and the serious disadvantages of social 
marketing and self-treatment approach which may lead to Drug Resistance. This 
perspective suggests that there should be at least some degree of skill for 
staff delivering ACTs to the community.

Is there anybody who has evidence OR experience on delivering ACTs by these 
methods in any context? It will be great to share with us.

Please consider that also your comments and inputs about this argument are 
highly welcomed and appreciated.


Abualbishr Alshreef
Postgraduate Student, Master of Public Health (International)
Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development
Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds
United Kingdom

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