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[e-drug] E-drug: Hospital acquired infections - Why should patients pay?

Dear All,

It just bothers me that if hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are really 
hospital acquired infections, why the patients should foot the bill for their 
treatment. After all, they are preventable. Are there any statistics
available for HAIs in India? In private compared to government hospitals? The 
patient, besides his unwarranted added suffering, has to pay a huge sum
(which is not just the actual cost of the services provided, but
includes a huge margin of profit), for the each additional day spent
(for HAI) in a private hospital. And this despite the fact that HAIs
are preventable to a great extent, if not totally.

I seek your considered opinion and comments on the issue.

Best wishes.

Dr. Santanu K Tripathi
Professor & Head
Department of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology
School of Tropical Medicine
Kolkata 700 073
Cell: (0) 92305 66771

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