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[e-drug] Indian generics safe from seizure while passing through EU (5)

E-DRUG: Indian generics safe from seizure while passing through EU (5)

Dear E-druggers,

FYI, when I asked the WHO what their plans were for seizures that could 
take place for Swine Flu vaccines, the response was 'no WHO shipment had 
ever been seized'. 

If it can happen to UNITAID then it can happen to 
WHO. This is neither a credible response nor a professional one based on 
the mandate to safeguard public health. WHO's task ought to have been 
facilitating alternative routing of shipments away from the EU, a task 
no doubt the countries/companies themselves will do given the 
flexibility of containers and consolidated shipping.

South Africa has excellent shipping infrastructure serving the East 
(Asia) and West (Brazil) that is cost effective the last time we 
inquired into possible solutions.

And a sense of realism please in face of victory (as a noted African 
liberation activist said - claim no easy victories), the Commission is 
continuing to ignore an EU Parliament decision on the terms of the 
Indian FTA. It seems like democracy and crass money making making still 
has a victor.


Riaz Tayob
(Disclosure - I am S. African)
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