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[e-drug] New training agenda 2011 & upcoming training - i+solutions

E-DRUG: New training agenda 2011 & upcoming training - i+solutions

Managing Drug Supply in low and middle income countries Dates & Location 2011 
February 28 � March 11  � The Netherlands � French version February 28 � March 
11  � The Netherlands � English version Practical information
Duration:         2 weeks
Course-Fee:       � 3.950,-

Monitoring and Evaluation of Procurement and Supply Management Dates & Location 
2011 March 27 � April 1 � The Netherlands - English version April 10  � April 
15 � The Netherlands - French version Practical information
Duration:        1 week
Course-Fee:      � 2.700,-

Procurement and Quantification Management of Medicines and Medical supplies 
Dates & Location 2011 June 5 � June 10 � The Netherlands � French version July 
3 � July 8 �  The Netherlands � English version Practical information
Duration:        1 week
Course-Fee:      � 2.700,-

Executive Seminar Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management
Dates & Location 2011
July 24 � July 29 � The Netherlands � English version Practical information
Duration:        1 week
Course-Fee:      � 4.500,-

Procurement & Supply Management of Essential Laboratory Supplies for HIV/AIDS, 
Malaria and Tuberculosis Dates & Location 2011 September 14 � September 23 �  
The Netherlands � English version Practical information
Duration:        1,5 week
Course-Fee:      �  3.600,-

ARV Procurement and Supply management
Dates & Location 2011
October 10 � October 21 � The Netherlands � English version November 7 � 
November 18 � The Netherlands - French version South-Africa - English version - 
Please consult AA4A at www.aa4a.co.za Practical information
Duration:       2 weeks
Course-Fee*:    � 3.950,-          
* the fee for courses by AA4A might deviate

i+solutions is pleased to announce the English edition of the Managing Drug 
Supply course organized in the Netherlands in collaboration with our partners.

Managing Drug Supply in Low and Middle Income Countries Amsterdam, the 
28 February � 11 March 2011
Date of arrival: February 28th
Date of departure: March 12th

Course objectives
�             To expose participants to modern management techniques of 
medicines and medical supplies� supply systems and demonstrate how they can be 
applied to participants own work settings.
�             To provide practical tools to decision makers in essential drugs 
programs to improve their level of performance
�             To encourage the exchange of views and experiences between senior 
officers and decision makers

The course is specially aimed at pharmacists, physicians, senior health system 
managers and technical assistance professionals from governmental and 
non-governmental organizations.

About the course facilitators
The course is organized and facilitated by i+solutions in collaboration with 
our partners.

I+solutions is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in pharmaceutical 
supply chain management in developing countries. For over 10 years, we have 
regularly offered courses in Managing Drug Supply in Low and Middle income 
Countries in close collaboration with our partners.

The broad experience of i+solutions staff in pharmaceutical management support 
make this course a unique opportunity for participants to enhance their 
knowledge and skills in managing drug supply at all levels.

Course Design
The course is highly participatory - the exchange of know ledges, skills and 
experience among course participants is essential for training activities and 
learning. Please, be aware that strong English language skills are necessary to 
take part in this course.

Major topics include:
� Drug Policy and Regulation
� Selection and Quantification of Drugs
� Procurement Methods and Strategies
� Quality Assurance
� Financing Drug Supply
� Stores Management
� Inventory Control
� Distribution Strategies
� Indicator-based Assessments and Drug Management Information Systems

Location and Accommodation
The course will take place in the Netherlands. Hotel accommodations, 
educational and recreation excursions, as well as a transfer from and to the 
airport are included in the course fee.

Course Dates
28 February - 11 March 2011
Hotel check-in: Monday February 28th afternoon Hotel check-out: Saturday March 
12th morning

Course Fees and Costs
The total fee of �3.950 includes:
�             Tuition fee (including course materials)
�             Transfer to and from Amsterdam International airport (on February 
28th and March 12th only)
�             Hotel accommodation (single occupancy) for the duration of the 
�             Three meals a day
�             Coffee and tea during course breaks

In addition to this fee, each participant requires an allowance to cover 
personal expenses.

Health insurance
All participants are required to have valid health insurance for the duration 
of their stay. Sponsoring agencies are responsible for obtaining health 
insurance for their participants.

All participants, with the exception of those from the EU and USA, are required 
to obtain visas for the Netherlands. We would like to underline that the 
participant is responsible of getting a visa in time.
I+solutions can provide an invitation letter if required.

Applications and fees must be received as soon as possible and at the latest 
before the January 28th, 2011 in order to be guaranteed a place on the course. 
After this date places will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis.
For a copy of the application form, please visit our website:
or contact:

Training Department
Phone: +31 348 489 643/646
Fax    : +31 348 489 659

Course space is allocated as soon as the application is received. Enrolment for 
the course is limited to encourage maximum participant involvement

Sponsor Information
Applicants are required to secure their own funding to cover course fee, per 
diem allowance, health insurance and travel expenses. I+solutions does not 
provide funding for the course. To obtain funding, applicants should contact 
government or non-government agencies in their countries.

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