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[e-drug] Indian generics safe from seizure while passing through EU (4)

E-DRUG: Indian generics safe from seizure while passing through EU (4)

Dear E-druggers,

The seizure is just one part of the problem of this EU/India Free Trade 

It is easy for both parts to say that the problem is solved when at the very 
same time the ACTA agreement increases the confusion between fake and generic 
drugs, and will allow authorities to seize generic drugs when suspected of 
being counterfeits! So we cannot relief until ACTA is erased.

The EU / India FTA includes measures that will increase data exclusivity, and 
prevent India to produce and export generic drugs. Such measures were enforced 
in Guatemala after a FTA with USA: experts note an 840 % increase of the price 
of drugs since the signature of this FTA! 

So when EU says there is no danger on generic drugs, this is just a lie that 
should not deceive us.


J�r�me Martin
Act Up-Paris

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